Your Hosts, The Donnery Family

The Donnery family offers a warm welcome to the historic Overlook on Hudson B & B in Highland Falls, New York.  The family has a long association with the B & B beginning in the 19th century when Jim Donnery’s grandmother worked for original owner JP Morgan.

Postmarked 1906!.. addressed to Jim Donnery’s grandmother c/o JP Morgan

Since purchasing the property in 1980 it has continually evolved from family home to its current incarnation as a premier Bed and Breakfast.  The transition began almost accidentally as demand for lodging during West Point events such a graduation and football games led to part time use of the home.

Jim and Roxanne have subsequently continued to develop the property into a highly desirable destination of choice for not only West Point Military Academy families but also tourists eager to experience the Hudson River Valley.

Roxanne Donnery has utilized her lifelong passion for art and design to transform each room in the Inn.  The B & B is filled with collections of fine art, antique furniture and unexpected items creating an upscale, comfortable, and inspiring atmosphere.

A new vineyard on the property adds another natural dimension to the B & B experience.

Jim Donnery has transformed the grounds into a multi-acre rural retreat filled with foliage native to the area as well as a sampling of exotic plants and trees. The recent addition of a vineyard has only added to the aesthetic delight of the natural environment-hard to believe New York City is a mere 50 miles away!

The entire family has deep roots in Highland Falls and the United States Military Academy.  Two daughters are married to West Point graduates and the Overlook on Hudson B & B has become the lodging choice for special events for many years. For 16 years, Roxanne served as an Orange county legislator and tireless community and local school advocate.

The Donnery’s welcome you to the Overlook on Hudson B & B website and encourage you to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.  We appreciate your consideration when planning a Hudson Valley visit and hope to see you sometime soon!


Roxanne and Jim, Innkepers

26 Kings Road
Highland Falls, New York 10928