J.P. Morgan and Cragston

JP Morgan

The historic Overlook Bed and Breakfast is located on the foundation of the original JP Morgan mansion at Cragston. The outdoor patio, steps, fireplace and mantle are all from the original house.

The area is filled with history from the Revolutionary War until contemporary times. And certainly no other Inn can claim JP Morgan and Billy Joel both as past residents!

The original estate was over 700 acres and covered a half mile of riverfront property. Small lakes, kennels, a dock for Morgan’s yachts and many other out buildings supporting his vision of rural life embellished by great wealth.

Historians have noted that it was at Cragston where Morgan sought the solitude to put together the deals that twice prevented the American financial system from failing. Indeed his famed parties in which he was viewed as a remote, cigar smoking figure in deep thought is the model for Gatsby-the character in Fitzgerald’s novel often cited as the “great American novel”.

The JP Morgan yacht Corsair

Imagining who may have enjoyed cocktails on the existing patio overlooking the Hudson is a trip through American history. Thomas Edison, Nicholas Tesla, Presidents Grover Cleveland and William McKinley, Andrew Carnegie and a host of other late 19th century and early 20th century figures rode Morgan’s yacht the Corsair to Cragston for summer parties.

The original Morgan steps and patio still in use!

When visiting the Overlook on Hudson Bed and Breakfast we encourage guests to explore the rich history of the area or simply soak in the feeling of relaxing in the very place so much pivotal American history has occurred. We have a variety of maps, guidebooks and other resources to help you best enjoy your visit!