The B & B

The historic Overlook on Hudson B & B includes a variety of unique rooms from which to choose. Each room features the design touches of innkeeper emeritus Roxanne Donnery. The below links include photos of the accommodations.

Emily’s Room is named after the “baby” in the Donnery family and is the room she grew up in the 1980’s.

The Cadet’s Room is named in honor of the nearby West Point Military Academy.  The Donnery family has a long history with the Academy and many Overlook visitors are military related.

The Billy Joel Room is the room Billy used to write many of his famous hits including “New York State of Mind” sitting in front of the panoramic views of the Hudson River.

Billy’s Nest is an adjoining room and can be reserved separately or as part of the Billy Joel Suite.

The Eagle’s Watch has one of the very best views of the Hudson River Valley. Guests enjoy a view across the swimming pool to the glistening waters of the Hudson River.

J.P. Morgan and his wife, Frances, bought the estate Cragston along the river in Highland Falls. The estate included a farmhouse, agricultural outbuildings, a lake, stables, kennels, a dock, and a carriage house. After remodeling the house, J.P. planted thousands of daffodils down the hill; they still bloom every spring. He dearly loved the country life of Cragston. After his death, the property was sold and became a country club. Overlook On Hudson Inn is built on the original foundation and includes the original fireplace, patio and stairs

The current view of the Overlook Inn Bed and Breakfast.

Note the patio,stairs and fireplace from the original Morgan estate

The famous daffodils of Mrs “Fanny” Morgan with the original chimney still in use in the background.

Almost all known varieties of daffodils are included in this field-part of the Overlook Inn’s beautiful river front grounds